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Property Services


Spring Cleaning 

90% of the properties we manage are spring cleaned at least once a year by our cleaning teams, this is ideal for a preparing the house for the season and getting it ready for the tourist board.

Our spring clean is simply a deep clean of the entire property throughout, ensuring ever corner and cupboard is cleaned to the highest quality.

Builders Cleaning 

We also carry out builders cleaning. With plenty of experience in construction we know how a property can often need a scrub after building work is carried out. Special chemicals are available to our our cleaning staff to ensure hard materials, and dusty films are removed so you can truly show off your home improvements.

Builders cleans and spring cleans are not restricted to our own managed properties, we regularly carry our spring cleans and builders cleans for properties locally.

Steam Clean?
Why don't we have a steam clean section? Other cleaning firms offer 'steam clean' as a speciality service...but we believe that providing the highest quality clean means using speciality as standard. We use steam technology on almost every clean we carry out from weekly cleans to builders cleans. We have 4 different types of steamers with a variety of fixtures and fittings ideal for ensuring the best cleaning service possible.