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Property Services


Holiday Home Cleaning
Changeover Cleaning

Bed making service; all beds are stripped and made up with our own luxury linen or with your own linen.
Full kitchen de-grease and sterilisation of work surfaces and white goods
Entertainment systems checked throughout the property
Crockery and cutlery checked, cleaned and replaced as required.
Wardrobes and drawers cleaned internally as well as externally, ensuring guests have removed all belongings.
Light bulbs replaced as required.
All wooden floors and high gloss floors are steam cleaned after being vacuumed. We are one of the only cleaning firms to use steamers on a weekly basis which reduces chemical usage and leaved you with streak free tiles or wooden floor.
- Heavy duty vacuuming, designed to remove odours and traces of hair.·      Internal windows are checked weekly, and a full internal clean is carried out every 10 changeovers.

 Our Standard Amenities Pack includes

1 kitchen roll
2 luxury toilet rolls per toilet
White cloth
Sponge scourer
2 tea towels
2 washing machine tablets
2 dishwasher tablets
Spare bin liners
Wheelie bin liners
Re-fillable soap dispensers, 1 per sink
Welcome notice
Local newspaper or magazine

Our amenities pack is provided with every changeover. 


We provide a master report for each property - a 4 page check-list ensuring that when the cleaning staff depart everything in the property is ready for the new guests.


Damage Report - appliance checking to confirm that the TV, DVD player etc are all working correctly, this way is damage is suspected from the previous guests you will be notified immediately. 

Cleaning Report -  a check-list completed to detail what has been cleaned and what has been carried out and to ensure items are not left. Unique criteria may also be completed for your property after a period of time.

Maintenance Report - ensures any jobs that require our attention are completed preventing unnecessary call outs. 

External Report - the head housekeeper will carry out a brief external report, which will indicate if we need to organise an extra window clean or garden visit from our staff.

Security Report  - ensuring all windows and doors internally and externally are secure as required, any alarm procedures are put in to place, that keys are in the correct location and the key safe is functional and contains the key.

We also offer:

Mid-week cleans.

Not always essential, but some guests request mid-weekly cleans when staying in a larger property or with another family. Mid-weekly cleans are highly advisable for 2 week bookings allowing us to go in to the property change the linen and ensure everything is functioning and as it should be.

Refresh cleans.

Automatically carried out if a property has been vacant for 2 or more weeks and guests are due to arrive. Our cleaning staff will carry out a complete check and carry out any cleaning required to restore your property to a refreshed and clean environment. Cobwebs and light bulbs are usually the biggest factors on a refresh clean.